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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to see results from my Optimal Effects products?

The key to maximizing your results with Optimal Effects supplements is consistency. Dietary supplements work differently for everyone, some may see results very quickly, and others may have to take it for a few days to begin seeing results, the key, though, is consistency. We understand that not all supplements will work for everyone, and is why we provide you with a 60-Day money-back guarantee. With that said, most of our customers have been very happy with our products. 

Do you offer free samples?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free samples, but we do frequently run contests and giveaways through our social media accounts where you can win free products. By following us on social media, you are able to stay up to date with new products that we launch, but you will also find very useful content there that can help you with your supplementation. You can even join our Mailing List and get 15% off your next order! You may also email us at if you would like to speak to us. You can follow us on our social media accounts at the links listed. Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Pinterest , LinkedIn , Google+ , YouTube .

Can I use a promotion code during checkout?

Yes, you are able to place an order using a promotional code during checkout to get your discount. 

How soon will my order ship?

Your order ships within 24 hours of your purchase. If orders are placed after 5PM mountain time, then your order will be shipped out the following Monday. Also keep in mind that holidays can take an extra day or two to fulfill orders. 

What will happen if my product is out-of-stock?

There is no need to worry if your item is out-of-stock, or back ordered we will contact you from our Customer Care team to discuss possible options with you, and if needed we will refund you for the out-of-stock item(s). We always take care of our customers in the best way that we can. 

Do you offer an affiliate program?

We sure do through Amazon's Associate's program. If your interested in being an affiliate of our products, you can sign up for an Amazon Associates account right here.

Is your website secure for me to purchase products?

Of course, all transaction are encrypted with a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate to protect sensitive information. The information we feel that needs to be secure would be usernames, passwords, and payment information (credit and debit cards, etc). We work hard to make sure all sensitive information is protected and secure.  

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.

Do you sell your products within retail locations?

We currently do not have our products within retail locations but are in talk with a few retailers, and we will keep you updated.  We do sell our products through many online channels such as Amazon, Groupon,,, and much more! We are currently working to get our products listed and sold on

What shipping methods do you ship by, and how fast are they?

We use a few different shipping options, at times we utilize Amazon Fulfillment to fulfill orders and get the product to our customers quickly. Most of our orders are shipped by USPS First-Class Mail which typically is 1-3 business days. We do have additional shipping options that we can provide, if you need a faster shipping option please let us know by contacting us at and in the subject line list (Quicker Shipping) and our customer support will help you with that request. 

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 states with the United States which include Alaska and Hawaii. Find out more information about UPS SurePost by visiting

Will you ship to a P.O Box?

Yes, we do, we ship to P.O Boxes within the United States through Amazon Fulfillment and other popular options. Find out more information about UPS SurePost by visiting

Will you ship to APO, FPO and DPO military addresses?

Of course, your items will be shipped by UPS SurePost to APO, FPO, and DPO military addresses. Find out more information about UPS SurePost by visiting

Fun Facts About Optimal Effects

How was Optimal Effects founded?

Our founder David, in 2015 had come down with some really bad anxiety which brought on panic attacks. David had never experienced anything like this and it became really debilitating to the point that he was forced to quick his job and visit the doctor weekly. David had tried many different anxiety prescriptions that the doctor had prescribed him and continued to receive no relief and had crazy side effects. These side effects made him discouraged and so he went on his path to find an all-natural anxiety remedy that actually works. After a few months of searching and research, the stress and anxiety support was developed, which helped him. After feeling the positive effects of his new anxiety supplements he wanted to share it with others to help them with that difficult struggle and is why it was originally called ex-anxiety, like "ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend" or something you get over. 

In mid-2015, David was able to eliminate the anxiety medications, steroid inhalers, and everything else that he had been prescribed. Since then, David has been spending his time researching what products and ingredients can be used to better people's lives for challenges they may face, sleep, recall, anxiety, blood sugar, and even weight loss and continues to provide supplements to customers that benefit them.  

Can you tell me more about your labels?

Sure, we spent a large amount of time designing and re-designing our labels for our products. Originally we wanted to go with a clinical look & feel to our labels and felt like it has been going really well, but it wasn't until our Founder (who originally designed all our labels) decided it was time for a re-design. He was having difficulties coming up with all the different looks to the labels and some came out different than the original product line, so a branding specialist came in and re-branded Optimal Effects. Our logo was re-created, and all of our labels had to be re-created.

We decided to also add little images within our design to help customers know what the product does for them, example, stress and anxiety support has someone doing yoga, our blood support has a drop that is red to signify blood, our beard growth formula has a beard, nootropic brain support formula has a brain, and natural sleep support has a sleeping moon. 

What is Bring Out the Greatness Inside of you?

Great question, you can read all about it right here.

Quality & Safety

Where are your products made?

While our ingredients are sourced from around the world, we are headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and all of our products are manufactured in an FDA registered GMP compliant facility within the United States. Our manufacturers are FDA-registered and follow strict GMP standards and guidelines. 

Are your products safe?

You bet they are! Not only are they safe, we 3rd party test all of our ingredients as well as finished formulas to ensure purity of our supplements. Many have the idea that supplement companies don't have any standards and regulations that they must follow, that is totally wrong.

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all dietary supplements. All the dietary supplement manufacturing, and the safety of ingredients. Not only do they regulate all of that, they also regulate marketing practices done by companies, claims and all. 
  • The supplement industry has set up several independent organizations, which supervise and ensure the quality of products. A lot of these quality programs for nutrition supplements surpass even the FDA standards. 
  • Optimal Effects is a participant of various such programs, and strictly follows the standards that go beyond what's required in many cases. Our manufacturing facility employs a system of procedures, processes, and documentation to ensure that each product gets the strength, identity, composition, purity, and quality that is shown on the label. 

How do we know all this? Well, when our founder first launched his supplements he had a claim on one of our products that were okay but was preferred that is was worded a specific way and were notified that it should be changed, which it was immediately. We since then have become very familiar with different practises that are and aren't okay within the supplement world and began implementing things on our side to ensure these standards are met.

Since then, we have really put enfaces on proofing of labels, claims, content, ingredients, product quality, purity and much more to know that we provide high-quality supplements to our customers that we can stand behind. 

Something interesting, dietary supplements are considered along with food since they are manufactured with natural ingredients that have been used by human beings for ages. Even with this said, the supplement industry still needs proper regulations in place to ensure that products manufactured are following proper safety and quality standards. 

How are supplements regulated by the FDA?

There are several ways that the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) regulated production, marketing and sale of dietary supplements and here are a few:

  1. Any marketing claims set forth by supplement manufacturers are monitored by the FDA. They ensure the manufacturers do not claim that their products cure or reduce diseases or their symptoms. 
  2. Any introduction of new supplement ingredients to the market is reviewed and approved by the FDA. This is done by listing the products as Generally Recognized as Safe also known as GRAS status, or as New Dietary Ingredients (NDI). 
  3. In case an ingredient is found to be harmful, the FDA gives instructions regarding warning requirements on the supplement label. If found necessary, it can also order the removal of the ingredient from the market. 
  4. All manufacturing facilities undergo an FDA inspection to confirm its adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). 
  5. These Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) of the FDA covers everything from verification of raw materials to proper product testing and labeling. 

What does GMP mean?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that dietary supplement companies prepare their products according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). This means that dietary supplements are manufactured, prepared and stored properly to meet quality standards. Manufacturers are also required to keep extensive records and to test ingredients before they are manufactured as well as before they are distributed (sold). You can learn more by clicking here.

Placing Orders

Am I able to place my order over the phone?

You sure can feel free to contact us by phone at 1-801-228-0774 or by email and we can assist you. You are also able to purchase our products through Amazon if you prefer. If you live outside the United States, please email us so that we can assist you with your order. 


Can I receive a refund even if I have used the product?

Yes, as part of our 60-Day Money Back, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, we will refund you for your purchase if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase from Optimal Effects. It is that simple. If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, email your order number to with the subject line of Refund Request and a brief explanation so that we can promptly issue your refund.