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5 Ways You Can Improve your Focus, Concentration and Cognitive Recall

January 07, 2017

Improve Focus, and Concentration

Feeling the best isn't just something that magically happens, you have to work for it. It take a bit of work, but is doable. Things like sleep, exercise, sleep and memory all help you to perform your best. 

Don't panic if you are forgetting things, and can't focus. Improving your nutrition will help to improve this with these simple changes. 

1. Diet - Have you taken the time to look at each product label you have within your kitchen? Have you really looked into what is and isn't good to eat within foods? Well, now is the time to do this. The foods you eat can also affect your brain and the ability to function. Make sure to consume omega-3, and your greens to improve your ability to function and focus. 

2. Exercise - Exercising releases endorphins within the body which make you happy, take a look at this graphic to see how it helps you and your brain function. Your brain is very complex, and you need to exercise to improve your brain function, but also increase activity in your temporal lobe. Your temporal lobe is where your memories are stored. By exercising, it can help reduce your stress, anxiety and even depression. 

3. Meditation - Don't just take the advice from us, let Forbes do the talking. This articles gives you 7 reasons on how meditation changes the brain. By taking a few weeks to create a habit of meditation training, it will help you to focus better but also to improve memory. Meditate daily, and if you need to, meditate before bed to improve your sleep quality. 

4. Sleep - Your brain doesn't have the opportunity to recharge and get ready for the next day if you are not adequately sleeping. By not sleeping you are opening yourself to illnesses, stomach problems, migraines, obesity, lack of focus and many more issues. Don't believe us, take a look at what Business Insider has to say about sleep. 

5. Multitasking - You may think that you are getting much more done throughout your day when multitasking, but that is simply a myth! It takes a few seconds to receive the information you are looking at, and if you go back and fourth between two tasks, you will most likely miss a large deal of information within the first task you had focused on. Instead of multitasking, make a list of what you have to do, focus all of your energy one the first item, then move down the list. You will find that you will accomplish or remember more by doing this. 

You can also use supplementation to improve your focus and memory. Our Optimal Effects Nootropic formula is designed to target the brain to improve ones memory and focus. Practice the above 5 steps to begin your road of increased focus, memory function, and physical energy. 


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