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Using Supplements to Amp up Your Performance at the Gym

January 07, 2017

What’s in and What’s Good

There’s been this rumor percolating for years that supplementation is not necessary as long as you maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet.  True, eating right is absolutely essential and supplements simply can’t provide every nutrient a person needs to optimize their health. A healthy diet also can’t do everything that needs to be done for the body –especially if you’re really working it at the gym. Nutritious food and nutritional supplements can and are supposed to work together to help a person reach their absolute best health. A healthy diet only does so much to aid a gym enthusiast in recovery and prevent the potential of muscular cannibalism (when your body begins to use your muscles for energy actually working against your fitness goals.)

Now, your body can recover on its own from intense workouts. However, that will require a few days of rest to fully realize this and most dedicated fitness enthusiasts can’t and won’t stay off the weights for more than a day. Supplements can offer assistance and help the body recover faster by providing nutrients that replace what calorie intake can’t in a faster more ingestible manner.

Our supplements, derived from the finest most bioactive compounds, can help fill nutritional gaps as well as provide amino acids and coenzymes that give the body what it needs to synthesize proteins more completely and aid in the body’s recovery from maximized gym visits. We’ve provided a few of these essential vitamins and suggestions on what Optimal Effect supplement choice would best serve your nutritional needs.

Amino Acids – Amino acids are the vital nutrients that the body uses when it breaks down protein from food. They are important in nearly every function of the body. Muscle growth is one of their many operations. Exhausting work-outs drain your body of these essential muscle building blocks. Supplementation of amino acids to accompany proper rest and recovery from your work at the gym is vital to reaching your fitness goals. Sleep Formula by Optimal Effects provides L-Taurine that is an amino sulfonic acid and Gaba that is an amino acid. Let your body truly relax with Sleep Formula. Any body builder will tell you that proper rest is an essential part of any workout regime.

L-Glutamine – The L-Glutamate and the Glutamic Acid found in Brain Formula will help replace what is lost during intense workouts. Plus the more than a dozen other nutrients in the formula will also help restore vitality and properly supplementation.

L-Carnitine – One of the most important coenzymes for ensuring the proper transference of food into energy, L-Carnitine works with the ATP energy system and the cells nucleus the mitochondria. This important supplement can be found in the Diet Drops by Optimal Effects. The Diet Drops also provide L-Glutamine and many other supplements and coenzymes that boost your body’s ability to convert food into energy.

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