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Mobile Apps That Improve Your Fitness!

January 03, 2017

Think about it, how often do you check your phone, use your phone, text, take calls, or email? These days mobile phones rule everything, and even make our lives simple for us. Chances are your reading this article on your mobile phone right now. Apps come a dime a dozen these days, and that is why its good to learn from the experience of others. Your phone is a goldmine for apps to do with fitness and health. 

It doesn't matter if you are rooting for Apple or Android, these apps are not biased to one or the other. The apps we are going to list are not in any particular order and are just hear to help you in your health and wellness journey. 

1. MyFitnessPal

If you haven't been using this app, then you must consider it. This app is one of the best out there to do with nutrition. Not only do you get to log your food, but it also allows you to log your exercise  while logging your progress pictures. The best part about this app is you get to set goals on what you want to eat, do you want to lose weight and lower your carb intake? Do you want to lose 1 lb a month? Do you want to gain muscle and improve your cholesterol? they have it all. 

2. MapMyFitness

Another app provided by Under Armor to help track your actual fitness goals. This app is related and correlates with MyFitnessPal. It uses the GPS in your phone while running to track your duration, distance and much more. If you are an avid runner, this is a necessity. 

3. Daily Yoga

Everyone should do yoga, it helps with your fitness goals, eliminates stress, helps you relax, sleep and much more. Yoga is key in helping with flexibility, relaxation and recovery. It can even help to enhance your workouts by building stress and lean muscles. Watch the videos for examples and to learn how to properly practice yoga. 

4. Sleep Cycle

Do you know anyone that could use more rest or talks about how they didn't sleep well? We all know those people and this app will help. How it works is you turn the app on while you have it plugged in, you face the phone face down on your bed so that it can track your movement, and based off of your movement it will tell you the quality of your sleep. Sleep Cycle will also wake you when you want to be woken up, you place a 30 minute time window where it will find the best time to wake you so you feel more refreshed. 

5. FitnessBuddy

Fitness buddy is that buddy that you never had, the buddy that is always with you at the gym and helps track your workouts but also give you additional workouts. There is no need to go to the gym and spend half your gym time trying to decide what works out should do or how to do them. This app will keep you on a schedule so that you can see the best results possible. 

6. Fooducate

This app allows you to scan product barcodes at your grocery store of choice and it basically tells you how healthy that food choice is. This app rates the quality of the food and lets you know if it is something you may want to avoid. 

Summing It Up

Here is just a few great apps to get you on track to improving your health and wellness. You can download all of these apps, or none of them just know that it is up to you and your resources to set and achieve your fitness goals. Feel free to let us know below what apps we have missed that will give people great results and motivation. We enjoy hearing your comments. 

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